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Smile Gallery

Upper right front tooth was chipped and composite bonding was used to restore the crack tooth.

Patient presented with upper missing tooth. Patient did not want to do implant, so Dr. Rezai replaced the missing tooth with three units all ceramic bridge.

Patient presented with a gap in between his front teeth. The gap was closed with using composite bonding.

Patient presents with large failing Amalgam (silver) restoration. After removing the old silver filling and cleaning the cavity, the tooth colored (composite) filling was used to restore the tooth.

Patient presented with concern about his front discolored tooth and also a gap between two front teeth. Aesthetic zirconia crowns were used to close the gap and cover the discoloration.

Patient had four front teeth that needed to be extracted. We replaced her missing teeth with four dental implants.

Adam presented to our dental office with non-restorable upper teeth. He decided on doing implant supported over denture. 6 implants were placed and we fabricated him an upper implant supported denture.

Brian did not like the gaps in between his teeth and we did Invisalign treatment for him. In the course of less than a year, we were able to close all the spaces. Also, we did an in office Zoom teeth whitening to brighten his smile.

Kaiya presented for orthodontic treatment with severe crowding. Without extracting any teeth and with traditional braces, we were able to resolve her crowding and give her a beautiful smile.

Dr Rezai was not very happy with his yellowish teeth, so he decided to do Zoom in office teeth whitening.