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Dental Savings Plan

Here’s the Easy Way to Afford Your Healthy Smile

You’re tired of not having dental insurance. But you know you need routine cleanings and treatment to keep your teeth lifelong strong. So, it’s time you considered joining our dental saving plan.

The Modern Care Dental Savings Plan caters exclusively to:


We want you to get the treatment you deserve at a personalized pace and a reasonable price. Our plan makes it easy – without hassle or headaches.

How Does the Dental Savings Plan Work?

Annual membership fee starts at $349 per year. Sign up and get started today. It’s that’s simple. No yearly maximums, no waiting periods or deductibles! The membership fee is non-refundable and cannot be prorated. This is not an insurance policy.

What Does My Plan Cover?

Includes 2 exams per year with state-of-the-art digital x-rays and 2 regular teeth cleanings and two fluoride treatments. includes one additional emergency exams per year, and substantial discounts of 35% off of most dental services. (exceptions to apply, so please ask for details)

How Do I Sign Up?

Call our office at (773) 481-2090 to learn about the details today!